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Default Re: Inhumans in development?

Originally Posted by superion View Post
The Inhumans were mainly featured in the FF but they were involved in the Avengers Kree/Skrull war series so they could crossover into a Avengers movie.
Oh, I am sure they will be crossing them over with the Avengers, etc.

I was wondering more about how they might introduce us to them - the way it worked in the FF was very good but I do not see that working with guys like Cap, Thor or Iron Man. Hulk maybe, but that takes things in a different direction.

Not sure how they would handle their origin - do we have an extended pre-credit scene with the Kree visiting Earth tens of thousands of years ago and creating them?

I just hope they ignore all the stuff the FF has done lately, with the five brides of Black Bolt or what ever that was, just silly stuff...

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