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Default Re: A Spider-Woman film?

Originally Posted by Creo View Post
I agree with Psylockolussus. As long as Spider-Man is in production and is doing well, I don't think Spider-Woman will see any light in movies. I especially don't see it happening with Spider-Man not being in the MCU.
After finding out today that Fox has placed that Peanuts movie to square off against Antman on 11/6/15 while clearly knowing how touchy the subject around Marvel films and rights are. (Yeah the audacity!) I think the gloves should come off and have Disney throw the kitchen sink at'em. If they weren't press about getting the rights back for FF they should be now.

Doesn't FF have to be in production by 2014 and released in 2015? Well this would be a perfect time to release an Incredible's sequel and release it on whatever date FF releases.

We wont be getting any FF team ups anytime soon but Fox wont be making any money off of it either...

As for Spider-woman...who cares about Sony. I say make a film that's would certainly be better than any crap Sony would come up with in a Venom spin off.

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