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Default Re: Skyfall vs. TDKR

Originally Posted by Dark Knight View Post
I think the 3rd act for both TDK and TDKR's are on an equal level. Both were amazing and mesmerizing 3rd acts IMO.

The thing about a minority of fanboys being disappointed or not liking the 3rd act of TDKR's is mainly because most fanboys knew the LOS and there would be a Talia reveal and some of you just didn't like that from the very beginning.

You already decided you wouldn't like the film before you even saw it.

Some of you would have rather have seen Riddler, Black Mask or Clayface in the final film of the trilogy?
More like it just felt weak and shoe horned into the movie. Talia was such an insignificant character that such a twist had no weight to it.



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