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Default Re: The Avenging Spider-Man(screenplay idea)

Imho, I think u should ditch trying to fit the Spider-Man Reboot into it... Your story can pick up a year after Peter becomes Spider-Man....

But if you really want the reboot tied to the MCU, I would say that Amazing Spider-Man film happened a year prior to the Avengers New York incident... This would put the reboot in the same timeframe as Thor, Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man 2.

At this point even though Spider-Man is a hero Jameson paints him as a villain through the media, which gives him a bad rep with the majority of New York. Ad given the fact that he causes a lot of damage to private property while saving the day, Jameson's rants seems legit. Spider-Man causes more damage then good.

After New York, Nick Fury gets Coulson to find him more super humans, with the Avengers now a team on their own, Fury really wants a superhero team of his own.

Coulson checks out Spider-Man wants to recruits him, but Spidey, still abin shaken up from the New York Alien attack, and he feels his dong pretty well on his own and decides not to join.

I think it's real fun to add in other characters and heroes but essentially you don't want to lose what's the story really about, which is Spider-Man... The story has to be about him. What do you want the story to say about Spider-Man? I think you could really turn this into a story about Peter finding out that he doesn't have to do this alone... That sometimes you need help, and that there is nothing wrong with asking for help.

If you add in Wolverine, he should definietly come in, close to the end of the second act... in role that could be described as an extended cameo... Offering Spidey advice, sent by Coulson to talk to pete, letting him know about his own experiences and how the X-Men became his family and how SHIELD could possibly do the same for Peter.

After his battle (with A WHOLE LOT OF HELP from SHIELD) against the Sinister Six, he joins in SHIELD... Coulson brings in his new team mates which include She-Hulk, Colossus, Vision and Daredevil (a real mixed bag of characters)...

Honestly don't try and over complicate it, keep it simple and you might actually end up with something glorious!

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