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Default Re: Skyfall vs. TDKR

Originally Posted by Elevator Man View Post
Masterpiece? The third act alone is enough for me to believe TDKR was far from a "masterpiece". Sure it isn't "garbage" like some have called it, but it definitely isn't a masterpiece either.
TDKR is what I like to call Nolan's "ambitious mess", something every single great director has had when they were at the height of their careers. These big and expensive projects saw said directors stretching the limits of the budgets more than their talents, yet for all their massive flaws these films are still better than 90% of the crap out there. It's just that they didn't live up to the director's own pedigrees. James Cameron had 'The Abyss'. Steven Spielberg's had way too many (A.I, Amistad, War of the Worlds, you name it). Paul Thomas Anderson's is 'Magnolia'. 'Prometheus' is Ridley Scott's latest ambitious mess (again, among many). Scorcese's was 'The Aviator' (or 'Gangs of New York', depending on who you ask). These films are not the director's masterpieces, but they can be considered as masterpieces (albeit incredibly, deeply flawed) on their own. Same is the case with TDKR.

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