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Default Re: Official Batman Titles thread 2.0 - - - - Part 13

Originally Posted by Mystirious View Post
I recommend checking out the stories with her protecting the orphans in Robinson Park and her appearances in the Harley Quinn ongoing

Those are all pretty neat

Also she once totally killed a guy with a salad

You've got to admit that's so ridiculous that its
nooooooooooooo!!! not that awful story with Hush!!!

"Ivy, be my lover".
"No, I must save the kids by becoming human again, bruce wayne, I'm sure you're batman, but actually you're not, help me becoming human again"
"Ivy, you're such a wonderful person. I, Bruce Wayne, will help you. Hush, stay away from Ivy, it is me she loves".
"Bruce, I hate you, and now I have one more reason to destroy your legacy: you're trying to take away my girl from me".
"But I'm not your girl, I'm a plant and now I'm human. Oh noooes, what a mistake, I should become a plant again".
"Bruce she died because of you, I really hate you for good now".

A.J. Lieberman tried so hard to make Hurt something special, and yet, all he managed to do is make him even more pathetic. This story was nothing more than a threesome without the sex.

I don't care for Ivy either, I think she's just a bland villainess. At least she was fun when she was created and only wanted to seduce Batsy.

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