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Default Re: "You ready for another Bout?"- The Thor/Chris Hemsworth Thread

Originally Posted by violetspike123 View Post
Does anyone think it was bs that Ironman didn't get fried when he fought Thor.
That Stark did not get electrocuted is actually quite plausible; the suit would act like a Faraday cage. Planes allow lightning strikes to route through the fuselage. It might be that his suit really ought to have a spike on it for the discharge, but that's a relatively minor detail. (While I previously have asserted that the processors should have been smoked, avionics typically have surge suppressors, etc. So now I'm willing to give him that one. Unless there's the failure I describe below )

What's more of a stretch in my mind is the idea that Stark would have designed the suit to have the capacity for 400% of the suit's rating. It's suboptimal engineering practice. Energy storage means mass (just look in the trunk and under the chassis of any electric or hybrid vehicle) and weight, and weight costs you a lot of energy when you're flying around at below-orbit altitudes (most of the volume of the Saturn V or the shuttle was for fuel for the first small fraction (forget what) of the launch). Engineering is always about tradeoffs, and if he wouldn't normally use the energy (ie, capacity well over 100%), he shouldn't be burdening his suit with having to haul the capacitors around all over everywhere. (And where are those capacitors anyway? Behind his calves?) So he shouldn't have the spare capacity available to be charged up to 400%.

The other gift from the writers is the power bus that they apparently wrote into his suit that would be involved in such a charging system. The energy in a lightning strike is far, far more than whatever 400% of the suit rating is. So if he taps some of it to charge the suit, the rest has to be shunted to ground in a proportion that the charging system could handle. (So this is the part where Jarvis bites it.) But the lightning strike could well overwhelm the path to the capacitors. No one has developed a ground-based system to capture energy from lightning strikes, for example.

So if the charging system gets overwhelmed, then he really does become a man in a metal suit.

And that's just the first lightning strike.

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