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Default Re: BATMAN REBOOT: your personal preferences?

I imagine that this reboot will be tying in with the potential Justice League and Man of Steel.

With that in mind, I'd have the first film taking place at the dawn of Bruce's career, he'd be initially trying to fight crime in a less theatrical fashion. Using his fortune to develop toys for him to infiltrate gangs and take them out by alerting the police before taking them out.

He'd realise this isn't good enough and begin to develop his Batman persona.

The origin story would be told through flashbacks.

His first mission would be to quell the gang wars between Oswald Cobblepot, Roman Sionis and the enigmatic terrorist Red Hood. While being pursued by GCPD psychological profiler, Edward Nygma.

The ending of the film would be Gordon lighting the signal for the first time, explaining to Barbara that it is a symbol to the people of Gotham. Across Gotham, Dick Grayson is stopping a mugging in the Grayson circus, Jason Todd is partaking in a robbery, but takes down his murderous partner, and Tim Drake is foiling his teachers attempts at embezzling from the school. They each look up into the sky and are in awe of the symbol.

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