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Default Re: Matthew Vaughn Is NOT Helming X-Men: First Class Sequel - Part 1

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
Let's be honest here, Wolverine did dominate the previous X-Men films. In some ways, the films needed a character through which to introduce the already-existing X-Men world, but it did sometimes come at the expense of other characters.
Wolverine did dominate in general, I agree, but I still see X2 (not much X1) as an ensemble. It's amazing how many characters got an interesting development in X2, even the supporting ones; we got so much from them, and sometimes you only need a few minutes to establish a character's personality and purposes.

For example, take Pyro. The character was so intelligently set - we know Pyro from the very first moment we see him. I can't say the same about Havok and Banshee, for example. Although it was cool and all, the idea of turning the training sequence into a montage was not really effective to establish Havok, Banshee, Charles and Hank, as a team, as the X-Men.

What I sometimes can't understand is why a few lines of additional dialogue aren't used for these secondary characters, just to give them a little more meaning. It only takes up a few seconds of screentime for them to say something that defines who they are and why they are doing what they are doing.
With this I agree completely; just like I said above, an intelligent script and direction can do it. There's no need to spend hours and hours on a secondary character so that we'll know them. There isn't perfection when you have to deal with so many different characters, but X2 comes very near.

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