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Default Re: Can anyone compare Jubilee to Robin, Wolverine to Lobo and Storm to Wonder-Woman?

Originally Posted by Hordakfan View Post
I mean they all fought except for Robin and Jubilee who agree not to hurt each other in DC vs. Marvel.

I mean does Jubilee, Wolverine and Storm compare to the characters they fought and are similar? and wasn't it cute when Jubilee and Robin fell in love?
Wolverine and Lobo both have that outlaw mentality. They're ferocious fighters prone to swearing, drinking, smoking, womanizing and generally being wild party boy types. They also have a tendency to jump into a situation and ask questions once the mutilation is done.

Storm and Wonder Woman both have that regal, goddess bearing and personality. They're both skilled hand-to-hand fighters, and not afraid to harm or kill if the situation absolutely requires it.

Jubilee and Robin are teenaged sidekicks to bigger and badder heroes. (Although trying to compare Batman and Wolverine to each other doesn't work. And neither did comparing Captain America and Batman.) Robin (several versions of him, in fact) was once prone to quips and smart-alecky comments, much like Jubilee. Although you'd think Jubilee would've put up a better fight since Wolverine taught her everything he knew...

That's my best shot at it. I always found those fights to be logical.

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