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Default Re: Skyfall vs. TDKR

Originally Posted by Excelsior. View Post
That's just your opinion and therefore I am implicating that it is not credible. The film is loved by the masses -- which is also a vast collection of opinions -- and that is all that matters.

Originally Posted by Dark Knight View Post
Once again to the general movie going public, (not the fanboys/girls who were spoiled) the reveal was just fine.
But how are you so sure of that? It's very easy to find many sources that cite it as a bad twist;

What makes you so certain most people in the general public didn't feel the same way about it?

The relationship didn't need heavy weight to it.
Bruce was supposed to care about Miranda. "Keep her close. He'll come for her". So it very much needed to have weight to it.

Tate was hitting up Bruce when he was vulnerable and they had sex, how much weight did you need in a 2 hour 45 minute film about a side love interest for Bruce Wayne.
I'm well aware of Talia's motives. The thing is she was not a side love interest, she was the love interest until the end. Not Selina ("Risking everything to save your stuck up girlfriend").

Most of my family and friends who I spoke with, who knew nothing about Tate/Talia, thought Tate was going to wind up being tragically killed by Bane and none thought she was the child of Ra's Al Ghul.
Are you really going to go down the "My friends and family thought this and that" route?

I could tell you the total opposite and it would have as much weight.

Remember, these films are not just for the spoiled fanboys/fangirls.
I know. I'm not talking about it from a fan perspective. I'm talking about how the movie presented her in the movie.

Originally Posted by Dark Knight View Post
^Exactly! Quoted for truth!
His comment obviously flew over your head, but he's not serious. He's actually mocking you personally because that is your typical response defense for the movie's flaws. Quoting popularity statistics;

It's always your crutch and not a very good one. Take a look at Avatar and Titanic for example. Both very positively reviewed, loved by the general public, made a fortune each. Are you going to sit there and try and say those movies didn't have bad plot issues either just because they're popular?

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