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Default Re: Skyfall vs. TDKR

Originally Posted by Brain Damage View Post
I was going to respond to a lot of these points, but you pretty much said it all
Thank you

Originally Posted by Dark Knight View Post
I have a crutch, just like you have yours right? Goes both ways brotha.
No, I don't. I don't use the same argument every time. I don't use popularity or box office as some kind of weapon for the short comings of the movie, as though flawed movies have never made lots of money and done well critically before.

Originally Posted by Dark Knight View Post
You keep trying to convince yourself and others that the film wasn't good.
Two things;

1. Your ignorance in saying I'm trying to convince myself of something is astounding. Who the heck are you to tell me what I really think?

2. Why would I trying to be convince anyone of anything, let alone of something I don't even believe myself since I have been openly vocal in saying I do think the movie is good, and can dig up a plethora of posts to show it.

Facts are facts. The film was universally positively reviewed overall by critics and the general movie going public loved it and so did a majority of fanboys/fangirls.
Universally positively reviewed? That's a joke right? Do I really need to list the dozens of negative reviews it got, including the one that earned that critic the death threats from the fans on Rotten Tomatoes?

If the Colorado tragedy didn't occur and if the film was post converted and released in a 3D option format. The domestic box office total would have been about 525-550 million instead of 450 million.
So I guess The Avengers is better than TDKR since it made more money and was better reviewed critically. Or Avatar. Or Titanic. I mean that is your logic isn't it? It's all about the critical score and the money.

I guess that makes A LOT of movies better than Batman Begins, too.

Stop whining like a teenager and crying like a baby please, just because you didn't get the Bat film YOU personally wanted to see.
I am SO tempted to report you for that. Sick to death of trolls like you and their petty name calling because they are so thin skinned they practically foam at the mouth in anger when this movie gets criticized.

Can you not disagree with someone without making it personal? Is that too much for you?

Originally Posted by Dark Knight View Post
And these "sources/websites" somehow have some sort of importance?
They are just two samples of the proof you seek. You're going on and on about how everyone bar the "fanboys" (your traditional weak argument) loved the Talia twist.

It's insanely easy to find criticism of that so called twist across the net. It's not all from what you like to call fanboys. If so many people disliked it then who are you to definitively say it was so loved by everyone else, too? Have you got some kind of proof?

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