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Default Re: Skyfall vs. TDKR

So I saw Skyfall tonight.

What do I think of the film and which film do I find better to answer the thread's question?

I very much enjoyed Skyfall. My favorite Bond is Daniel Craig anyways, so I'm not shocked that I enjoyed Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and now Skyfall, but, did I find it better than The Dark Knight Rises? No, I did not. I still say The Dark Knight Rises has been my favorite film of 2012, and I am saying this as someone who hasn't seen The Master, Argo or Lincoln yet and one of those three films may change my mind on my favorite movie of this year, but that doesn't take away anything from Skyfall. It was another amazing Bond flick and three in a row of Daniel Craig giving his all.

And also, I would like to point out that the question for the thread does raise a question that I now have...after seeing Skyfall, I would assume that Skyfall would be best compared to The Dark Knight while it's Quantum of Solace that should be compared to The Dark Knight Rises. Forget the third films being compared to one another, but QoS and TDKR could be better compared because in different ways, they are both the most ambitious films of their respective series. Quantum of Solace tried to do something different with James Bond that made the film very polarizing amongst Bond fans and TDKR became a very ambitious film itself that did the same exact thing...became a film very polarizing to Batfans.

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