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Default Re: Coleman Reese is the Riddler

Honestly Wuertz was more like Bullock. Bullock was dirty when he first was introduced. He also disliked Batman (Stephens never shows a dislike of Batman, he even claps for Dent when he thinks Dent is Batman on the way to the armored car) On the other hand while Ramirez is definitely a stand in for Montoya I don't think Montoya was ever dirty.

Of course, Stephens represents the good side of Bullock.

Basically I think they just change the names and create new characters while keeping the same archetypes because 1. the archetypes are convenient (Gordon needs a right-hand man, so we get Stephens, but we also need a dirty cop in his department, so we get Wuertz) and 2. so we are in the dark as to their eventual fate (Wuertz is killed off--if he were named Bullock, he would never have gotten iced. Same with Ramirez, if she were Montoya we'd never be scared that she'd get killed).

I think Reese easily fulfills the archetype of the Riddler (someone who is intelligent, figures out Batman's identity, seeks to use it against him), but they don't go ahead and name him Edward Nygma because they want to be flexible about what they do with him and leave us guessing as to what the character's ultimate fate is.

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