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Default Re: Alice Krige as.....?

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
And A3. With the new rumors being that the masters of evil will be in Avengers 2, (probably formed by Thanos) Thanos will be in avengers 3 for infinity gauntlet movie is well.
Masters of Evil for those not "in the know"

I think I might put that one in my "wishful thinking" rumors bucket for now. Mainly because, in Avengers they just barely got in enough characterization and story arcs for the individual heroes, and there was really only 1 main villain to worry about (and a group of mindless nasties coming down from the sky at the end, who really didn't need much of a story arc). With this in mind, putting an entire group of individual bad guys together that you have to then introduce, show their powers, and give him some characterization and story arcs to make them seem more like individual... well... that's going to be a HELL of a long movie. They did pull that off sort of in Xmen, but I think they lost time for some of the characters and story arcs because of it. I'd have rather seen more about Storm, for one. And they can't really do a "lord of the rings" thing where it's ended on sort of a cliffhanger and split up in parts, since they are going to want to do the individual movies in between Avengers times. So, needless to say, a group of villains like this versus the Avengers seems like it would be extremely difficult to pull off and still keep enough of the story and characterizations there. I get the feeling providing good story and interesting characters is much more important to those handling the films than just throwing in flashy elements and fan favorite characters just for the sake of it. It needs to make sense, it needs to be a good story, and it needs to be doable within a film format.

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