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Default Re: Alice Krige as.....?

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
On balance, I would have to say I agree. But the movie is still several years off, so we have plenty of time to talk about "what if they did this" and "what if they did that"

The two comments I have about the idea of the Masters of Evil:

1. Well, it's one way to get Amora (the Enchantress) into the story.
2. They need a better team name.
3. Could Alice Krige play one of the Masters?
LOL. #2, yes definitely.

And if anyone could pull it off and still have it be a good story, it's Joss, but seeing how Joss has said how difficult writing the ensemble action film Serenity was, and seeing how he told himself he'd not do that again, then promptly hit his head and "made a Homer Simpson noise" when he was in the middle of writing Avengers, I'd be a little surprised if he willingly subjected himself to doing an ensemble villain cast alongside the ensemble hero cast. Good story and characterization means too much to Joss. It would be extremely difficult to pull off, and that made even more difficult with him needing to keep in line with what the individual films are doing with the characters, and keeping track of powers and story arcs with all of that. Extremely difficult task there.

Edit to add: and along the lines of what I just said, just found this...
"Ever since confirmation of the director’s return, Whedon has been surprisingly candid about how he intends to approach the superhero follow-up - in spite of the usual secrecy surrounding Marvel projects. Even though he’s keeping plot details under wraps, the director is promising a “deeper” character story in The Avengers 2 – one that is supported by the respective efforts of his companion Marvel cinematic universe “phase two” directors."

so a large ensemble villian cast would again be very very difficult to squeeze in there and still be able to dig "deeper" into the characters stories.

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