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Default Re: OFFICIAL Rate & Review the Amazing Spider-Man! - Part 1

Finally saw this. I wanted to like this a lot but i had a lot of problems with it
-I thought it was paced/edited weird. It felt like they blew through things too fast to me for some reason. I cant really describe it.
-Lizard was a really meh villain. I think they shouldve had more with his family or something and they shouldve really tried to amplify that whole Jekyll vs Hyde aspect like they touched upon. I also didnt like the design of the Lizard at all
-I still dont feel like they got Peter Parker persona right. He still wasnt really that funny guy, despite being a loner. Although they had a bit of Spidey being funny they couldve done that more (although I feel that'll be more present in the sequel)
-I HATED most of the interactions between Gwen and Peter. It felt like me like Webb didnt like how they were in the script and he just told Garfield and Stone to improvise and that didnt work out for me
-Also I didnt really like Stone as Gwen. Stone has a lot of personality and is very funny to me, but Gwen was so boring. Also telling Gwen that he's Spider-Man after one date? That was really...stupid to me
-Denis Leary as George Stacy was underused. They shouldve kept him for more than 1 film
-CGI wasnt that good in some scenes, especially if the budget for this was 230 mill like reported
-I thought the score was kinda underwhelming

-I thought the costume was really good. The only problem I had during the set pics were the lenses but they looked fine here
-The action was handled well, especially the school fight scene. It also had a few Spidey quips which I liked
-The swinging scenes looked awesome. I really liked the idea POV shots
-I actually really liked the scene where Flash talks to Peter after Uncle Ben's death
-Garfield did pretty good in the role. I cant wait to see him grow more into the role in sequels
-Martin Sheen and Sally Field as Ben and May were good. It needed some more Sally Field tho
-I liked Spidey developing from a guy beating thugs for his own personal gain to saving people
-I liked how they're building up the mystery of what happened to Peter's parents

Overall, it had a lot of flaws but it was decent. THere is a lot of room for improvement. Im not sure exactly what i'd give it somewhere between 6.5-7/10

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