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Default Re: Peanuts Movie to Open Against Marvel's Ant-Man!

Originally Posted by Baramos View Post
I've never understood the knee-jerk skepticism against the Ant Man movie. I'm actually not a big Marvel fan--I've always followed Spider-Man and X-Men, but didn't really follow the various Avengers properties until Disney started making Iron Man, Captain America, etc.

See, I actually wasn't very excited about Thor. I knew the character's origin and such but that was about it. If it had just been a stand alone movie I might not have even went to see it. You know why I went to see it? Continuity. I knew it fit into the Iron Man and Incredible Hulk continuity. I knew it would preview Captain America at the end.

So I went to see it and really enjoyed it.

I will go see Ant Man because of continuity. That and I'm actually familiar with Ant Man now that I've watched Earth's Mightiest Heroes. But let's say Ant Man had been made in place of Thor. It would have been a similar scenario where I went to see Ant Man just because of continuity, much like I saw Thor because of continuity. At this point I don't plan on missing any of these Disney Marvel movies.
Thor- super strong. Lightning based powers. Bad-ass hammer.
Ant-Man- Shrinks. Talks to ants.

...yeah, I don't think you can claim Ant-Man is on equal footing with Thor in terms of marketability. I love Hank Pym, but on paper, he's more snicker worthy than Aquaman.

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