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Mark Millar Builds Marvel Movies At Fox & Beyond
Originally Posted by Kiel Phegley
Meanwhile, Millar is continuing to develop many of his creator-owned comics projects -- branded in total as his Millarworld line of books -- as film properties, and aside from the currently filming "Kick-Ass 2" and Vaughn's promised adaptation of Millar and Dave Gibbons' "The Secret Service," he explained that he has more potential deals waiting in the wings. "The idea is to finish Kick-Ass 2 in December and start production on 'Secret Service' a few months later, and we have a few others that will be filming around the same time," he said. "I can't tell you the titles, but they're books that are already up and running. One is being written now, and the other just finished the screenplay. And 'Nemesis' was bought by Fox in 2010 with plans for Tony Scott to direct, though that didn't work out as Tony passed away, but now it's been passed on to a friend of mine named Joe Carnahan who was mentored by Tony. He's done a lot of work with Scott Free Productions like 'The Grey' this year. So Joe and his brother Matt are working on the screenplay for 'Nemesis' looking to shoot towards the end of next summer, and we've got some cast in mind for it. And there's one other project that's been sold to Fox that will likely be announced as 'Untitled Mark Millar Project' because we don't want to give too much away."

But there is one project fans won't be hearing anything about in Hollywood terms for a long while to come. "It's weird that all these Millarworld projects have been sold as films already, but the one I want to hold onto is 'Jupiter's Children,'" he explained of the book currently in production with artist Frank Quitely for Image Comics. "That book and 'Nemesis 2' will come out around March or April next year, and I'm not going to let 'Jupiter's Children' be sold as a film until I've finished the last issue. I'm going to write the entire ten to twelve-issue series before that. I'm on issue #4 at the moment, and I'll not allow anyone to consider putting in an offer. We've had people getting in touch about the rights, but I've told my agent not to look at any offers at all. This is probably my most commercial project ever, and it'll probably be the biggest seller. I'm very protective of how I want this to be done. I just want it complete, so I can hand it over and tell them to be very faithful with a movie adaptation."

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