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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by Deathstroke View Post
Smallville13, it's not going to matter.

My Brandon Routh example is proof that no matter how good or bad Cavill does, the fans will go out of their way to see his performance as good. There is a strong bias here. The blinders are on.

So really, this entire argument is pointless. We all know how it will turn out.

But from a Hollywood point of view, I don't think Cavill's acting will ever get him into any of the upper echelon Oscar circles. He really isn't a great breakthrough star like Garfield. He's okay. Serviceable. Good enough.

But within the fan communities, he will be a rockstar.
I suppose. I figure he will sort of fit in to the Chris Evans/Chris Hemsworth echelon. Although I imagine that the script for MOS is alot stronger than their respective films. I think that's the thing really. With all of Cavill's previous films/tv stuff has any of the material/surrounding cast actually been stellar? From what I can gather the main problems for Immortals and CLoD stem from other areas and not Cavill. With MOS, he is surrounded by a very strong supporting cast, and what is surely (hopefully) a strong script. It's sink or swim. I hope the other high-calibre talent doesn't carry him through this film. I hope he rises above them all.

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