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Originally Posted by blueserenity View Post
Tony Stark isn't a mutant though.
Which is why its a good comparison. Why does the world hate mutant superheros and not human/superpowered ones? Whats the difference?

Originally Posted by blueserenity View Post
The problem with making it all of a sudden okay to be a mutant in the past, which is what the FC trilogy is meant to be, is that we know in the future/"present-ish day" that mutant prejudice is still a really big issue. X2 and X3 revolved around that idea (and we saw bits of it in X1). Heck, the FUTURE involves mutant-hunting giant robots. It can't suddenly be ok to be a mutant in 1978 and then not 20 years later. Not to mention, X-Men has ALWAYS been an allegory for minorities. It's one of the reasons they're so interesting and one of the ways they're separate from other Marvel heroes.
And it should stay being an allegory for minorities and being different. Thats built in. Im saying explore that more not make everyone ok with it. IN the 60s they should show the publics first discovery of mutants with the fear of being different at an extreme. We havnt seen that yet. Im more talking the future of these films then the DOFP storyline, all we have seen is the world hates mutants and thats it. Nothing has been shown on how the public would react to seeing a mutant saving the world or other people. We dont know how they would react. That thought goes through my head everytime I watch one of these films. Would it change someones opinios on mutants? Or make things worse and put them in a more vulnerable state?

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