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Default Re: BATMAN REBOOT: your personal preferences?

TITLE: Depends on the content of the film really. But I do want 'Batman' in there somewhere. I don't like 'The Batman', because I find it irritating when people call him 'the batman' outside of the films.

DURATION: I'd like for it to be indefinite, but with a strong continuity throughout films, so it doesn't feel too 'villain of the week'.

SUIT: I like the classic grey suit. I still think a Dark Knight Returns-styled suit with materials like Captain America's could work a treat.

ROBIN: I wouldn't mind if Dick Grayson or Tim Drake or whoever was present from the beginning, but didn't necessarily become Robin right off the bat. That said, if they found a way for it to work well, then why not?

JOKER: Keep him out of the first film. But down the line, definitely.

GOTHAM: My favourite Gotham is BB Gotham. I think Gotham needs to be eternally bleak-looking, and very noir-ish.

ORIGIN: The odd flashbacks to flesh out the character is good. But an entire origin story is unnecessary.

BATMOBILE: Needs to be sleek and stylish but also with a real sense of power to it, between Nolan's and Burtons.

1st VILLIANS: Black Mask.

DIRECTOR: Part of me wants to see a well established director like Ridley Scott or Martin Scorsese take it on. Terry Gilliam would be a fine choice though, I think. He could bring appropriate levels of fun, weirdness and darkness. And Tom Waits. Tom Waits as Commissioner Gordon.

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