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Default Re: BATMAN REBOOT: your personal preferences?

For me I'd like more focus on the brilliance of Batman's fighting skills,and power of deduction.

-Ra's and League of Shadows I would wanna keep around but only as a rumor or legend Bruce heard while traveling in Asia learning his ninja skills.

-I'd want Alfred to be more of the reason why Bruce becomes Batman like Harry is more or less responsible for the monster Dexter became.

-Ra's I want immortal

- No Bat family at least not as its currently constructed Dick Grayson i'm ok with but Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Damian Wayne, I would not wanna see them as the comics have presented them.

=First Villain in my batman movies Kyodai Ken, Bruce Wayne's rival while training overseas. Who comes to Gotham to kill the Batman under contract and Bruce Wayne for personal reasons but finds out they are one in the same.

- Second villain Doc Thomas Elliot who was believed to have died comes to reap revenage on the people who sent him to jail Harvey Dent, Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne. Bruce he sets up for a string of murders landing him on trial for murder so Dick Grayson tries looking for clues to clear Bruce's name.As his persona of Hush Thomas Elliot would be responsible for taking over Gotham's criminal underworld.

-third Riddler who I would reimagine as a gruesome serial killer in the mold of Jack the Ripper. Who thinks he's too smart to ever be caught even by Gotham's own Batman leaving clues to his next fatal kill.

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