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Default Re: Star Wars Connection?

Originally Posted by Aztec View Post
Okay so hear me out...(ducks tomato) wait a second:

Now that Disney owns both Marvel and Star Wars would it not be pretty cool if they had some level of connection between the two properties? I think it would be very cool if it were done on a very peripheral level.

For example what if Episodes 7-9 (which remember take place in our universe, only a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..) deal with an enemy creating some kind of super powerful "force" weapon and it's fueled by (what is later called thousands of years later when they are rediscovered in a distant galaxy) the Infinity Gems.

That could be a small little nod to something much larger in the MCU without having a direct crossover. It certainly expands both universes into something much larger and deeper. I think it'd be cool but then again I'm from the east coast and I only just got my power maybe I've been driven completely insane. Whichever.

Doesn't Star Trek and the X-men all ready exist in each others alternate universes. Proteus from the X-men universe crossed over into the Star Trek universe.
Star Trek/X-Men crossover
In the Star Trek/X-Men crossover, the spirit of Proteus crosses over to the universe of Star Trek because of a rift created by classic Star Trek antagonist Gary Mitchell (who also had reality warping powers). Proteus is able to reanimate and inhabit Mitchell's corpse, which does not deteriorate like other hosts. While chasing Deathbird, the X-Men end up teaming up with the crew of the USS Enterprise to stop Proteus, who forms an alliance with Deathbird to escape the planet.[18]
At one point, Proteus compares Mitchell's fate (as seen in the Star Trek TV series episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before") to the kind of anti-mutant prejudice that the X-Men are fighting.[18]

star trek x men crossover comic


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