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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

Part 2

The police sirens echo loudly off of the buildings as the two squad cars pursue the blue van down the city streets. The van swerves recklessly, narrowly hitting other vehicles and pedestrians as the police attempt to stop the run-away vehicle.

"No rest for the wicked, as they say..."

Spider-Man swings in low, skimming between the squad cars as he approaches the van, the midday sun reflecting brightly off of the vehicle windows. Using the momentum from his swing, coupled with his speed, Spider-Man let go of his webline and flipped onto the hood of the van, looking two very surprised criminals eye to eyes.

"Lucie! You have some s'plannin' to do!"

Peter's spider-sense goes off as the man in the passenger seat pulls up a shotgun from the floor and fires off two shots. Spider-Man leaps out of the way, a split second before the criminal fired the weapon, and onto the roof of the van.


Peter ducks into the passenger window and fires a gob of webbing into the gunman's face, covering his eyes and rendering him blind.
The man panics and backs into the driver and fires off a shot of the shotgun that goes through the roof of the van.

"Watch it with that thing, god dammit!"

The driver tried to keep the vehicle steady but the van swerved straight for a pole. Spider-Man leaped away just before the van smashed into the pole. The force of the crash leaves the two criminals in no state to flee and are easily apprehended by the police.

Allllllrightythen. That's two less dirtbags on the streets, Peter thinks to himself as he watches the arrest from the perch of a nearby building.
Now then, back to the important mission I was on before getting sidetracked...

Spider-Man stands up and dives off of the building, firing a webline out and swinging away from the scene.

Hopefully Uncle Ben won't kill me for being late...


3 Hours Later...

Peter let out a long sigh as he sat heavily down on the front porch of his Aunt and Uncle's home. He had been helping his Uncle Ben for the past few hours building a shed in the backyard. Now Ben had gone to the store to pick up some roofing nails so they could fix some of the leaks.
So Peter took the opportunity to sit down and relax a bit as he sipped on a beer.

"Hey there, Pete!"

Peter looks up to see the familiar smile of Mary Jane Watson walking up the sidewalk.

"MJ", Peter returned the smile, "How's it going?"

Peter has known Mary Jane since high school, and she has been one of his closest friends since. MJ was even the one who helped set him up with Gwen, and who was currently dating the fourth member of their quartet, Harry Osborn.
Now MJ lived only a few blocks down the way from Aunt May and Uncle Ben's house, having taken over her mother's old home after she passed away.

"Can't complain", she smirked.

"So what brings you down this way?"

"I drove by a few minutes ago and saw you sitting out here", Mary Jane answered.
"Figured I'd come say hi."

"So, I hear you've gotten promoted at work. Congrats, Pete."

"Harry told you?"

"Naturally. Don't be modest, Peter, you work hard, you deserve it."

"Thanks", Peter finally blurted, still a bit uncomfortable in the back-patting.

"How's the theater gig going", Peter quickly asked to change the subject.

Mary Jane smiled knowingly before answering, "I absolutely love it. I'm learning so much from the other actors, and I'm in the running for one of the main supporting roles in the next production."

"That's awesome, MJ", Peter replied.
"It great that you're going out and living your dream. I think that's fantastic."

, MJ blushed.

Uncle Ben pulled up and parked out front, prompting Mary Jane to say goodbye.

"Well, I've got to go. Harry's taking me out to dinner tonight, and I have to go get ready."

"It was good talking to you, Pete"
, MJ smiled.

"Always a pleasure, MJ"
, Peter responded.
"Tell Harry I said 'hello'."

Mary Jane departs, saying hello to Uncle Ben as she passes him, as he and Peter get back to work on fixing the roof.


It's past eleven when the car pulls up out front of the house, and Mary Jane steps out wearing a coat and short black dress. While holding a pair of heels in her right hand, MJ turns back to the car, thanking Harry for a amazing night out and gives him a kiss goodnight.
He tries to convince her to stay at his place, but she has to decline. She's got to be at the theater early tomorrow for auditions.

Harry wishes her luck and drives away as MJ walks up to her front door, unlocking it, and stepping inside.

As she hangs the keys up on the rack by the door, and takes off her coat, Mary Jane begins to smell something.

"Ugh...something smells like sewage", she stated with a cringe.

"I hope a pipe didn't bust", she sighed in dismay as she tossed her coat onto the couch and walked into the kitchen and turning on the light.


Her heart nearly leaped out of her chest and her eyes widen in terror as she came face to face with the source of the stench that was standing in the middle of her kitchen...
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