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Default Re: BATMAN REBOOT: your personal preferences?

Riddler: An intelligent man who sold his soul to the Gotham underworld. He begins to attack the mob in a passive-aggressive fashion with riddles. You fail the solve it, the consequences are dire. He begins to have designs on taking over the mob faction that he is employed by.

I'd want a structured story that begins with a heavy mob presence. The first real "freak" would be The Riddler. Following that you'd have Black Mask and Killer Croc emerge to take their place in the Underworld as bosses. Poison Ivy would be an international mob boss. She'd have a compound in South America, where she creates new variations on experimental drugs. She has a peddler in Gotham by the name of Solomon Grundy. Grundy is pale, almost zombie like because he was Ivy's first test subject. Her early brews of the drugs cooked him.

When Ivy is forced to come to Gotham she has a weaponized version of her drug that creates human/plant zombie hybrids.

While the mob is a heavy presence I would ABSOLUTELY explore Thomas Wayne's connection to the mob and how it affects Bruce Wayne in his crusade.

The tone would be in line with TAS. With Police Zeppelins and everything.

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