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Default Re: The Prequel Trilogy General Discussion and Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
The prequels are underrated, there are bad elements like most Anakin parts but they're not the abominations diehard fans make them out to be, in my opinion Return of the Jedi was as flawed as Return of the Sith
No it wasn't, it's just a common comparison people make because Sith was by most peoples accounts the best of the prequels and Jedi was the worst of the originals. The emotion between Vader, the Emperor, and Luke at the end was amazing. Lucas had serious issues with his father and he expressed them through Star Wars (Indiana Jones to a lesser degree as well). The whole battle was Luke angry with his Father for all the wrongs he's done for trying to drag him down, all the while he is subconsciously becoming his father himself. Meanwhile the Emperor (who by all means represents Satan) is showing him how much he can gain by becoming his father. Luke at the end has to make the tough choice to go down being the better man than Vader could, even if it means death.

Lucas seemed to write the prequels with the pain of his loss of Maria, his wife, but he seemed to be in a state of denial. The prequels put a great deal of emphasis on the rules against Jedi marriage and how sometimes making the tough choices becoming the bad guy can make you lose everything. However this isn't necessarily true, sure his work had to do with it but he lost her because of himself, and he should have written Anakin that way. It's not secret writer some times draw from experience and its not hard to make the connection between Luke and Lucas, especially when you hear about what he has to say about his father. He should have looked harder in the mirror when he was trying to step into his father shoes.

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