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Default Re: Return of the Jedi Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by Spider-Gnome View Post
I think my main problem with Jedi (aside from the re-hash attack the Death Star) is it sags in the middle. From the the Rebel Fleet briefing to Han & Leia in the Ewok village after Luke leaves (with maybe the exception of the speeder bike chase) drags. I like it from Jabba's palace to Luke on Dagobah, and then picks up again when Luke is brought before Vader until the end. The middle just feels like waiting to get to good stuff.
I agree, but all the parts with Luke are pretty good. I like when he levitates 3PO to get out of being eaten by the Ewoks. It just seemed like exactly what a Jedi would do, use the force and their minds to get out of situation rather than fight. The ending of Jedi is excellent, the beginning is kind of ridiculous (why didn't Luke just go with droids, what was his plan?), and the special edition musical number is AWFUL, ruins the moment, makes you feel like you're in the bar in a Bugs Life not a the evil den of a vile gangster. Like you said the middle drags but it certainly wasn't half as bad as some people say. Much better than any of the prequels at least.

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