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Default Re: The Official Joker Costume Thread - Part 1

Hello boys, long time no see!!! Just wanted to say that I decided to bring good ol' Mr. J. out to play this Halloween after having a one year hiatus, so I thought I'd share some pictures from two different days I went out as The Joker.

First picture was taken at a local Halloween parade (loved these guys they were great) and stayed to chat a bit!

This was taken while out trick-or-treating with my daughter and husband (he was Chucky). I asked to take a picture of this entire family dressed as Alice and Wonderland Characters having a tea party in their front yard, but to my surprise they wanted a picture of me standing with the lot of them. Don't I look so thrilled.

Wide shot of the whole Alice in Wonderland group with me hanging out in the back... I look so out of place, right along with my zombie child.

Last picture taken at home after trick-or-treating before taking all my make-up off.


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