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Originally Posted by BaleISBatman4ev View Post
Skyfall is almost on par with Casino Royale but not quite... Great film... But i'll take TDKR by a mile. Skyfall is too reminiscent of what's come before (TDK)... albeit to great effect... TDKR is just hurt by not reaching the loftiness TDK did. Skyfall is following Quantum, hence the over enthusiasm.
Pretty much this. I love Quantum. I think over the years, Quantum will get a reevaluation. It's a necessary film. Skyfall's fantastic but you'd be either an idiot or blind to not see the influences of the Dark Knight all of the film. It's almost blatant.

I can honestly say that since '99, the Dark Knight Trilogy and this Bond trilogy of Royale, Quantum, and Skyfall are probably the best cinematic trilogies we've had in the contemporary era.

I'd put the Bourne Trilogy (screw Legacy) third....

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