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Default Re: The (potential) Masters of Evil thread

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
where does that come from then?

IF the masters are involved.. it will probably be characters that have been introduced in the MCU. Its pointless to introduce a character IN Avengers 2, just for the sake of it. Each of these characters has a personal relation with their respective hero
It wouldn't be "just for the sake of it". It would be for the sake of a stronger film. A group of villains that all have similar personalities and powers and are essentially the same stock character x4 with little tweaks is terrible. It's a terrible idea, it's a terrible ensemble, and it makes for boring tedium.

What could make the Masters idea work is the same thing that made the Avengers idea work- different personalities, different powers, unique characters. Not "this guy's just a little bit dumber than this other one, this other guy's marginally stronger than this guy." You need one guy who is the "mastermind" of the group but there need to be differing personalities amongst the other members for people to give a crap while the Avengers are off-screen.

Baron Zemo and his four strong, dumb thugs is not the Masters of Evil I want to see.

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