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Default Re: Alice Krige as.....?

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
One thing, again they may not set him up the same way as they did in comics, so you may not be as sympathetic. I have a gut feeling that it will wind up being Malekith vs Loki and Thor vs Kurse. No spoilers on that yet, but just my gut instinct of how this story will go, so take with a grain of salt if you want.

However, it would be an interesting twist if instead of killing Kurse, Thor somehow gets Kurse to turn good and he winds up being the Dark Elves new leader, leading them into a new more peaceful age. This would be a HUGE accomplishment for Thor (especially in Odin's eyes who would probably rather see Thor learn to solve these types of issues peacefully)

And lets not forget someone is probably going to have to help Thor defeat this Beyonder/Krige/Tesseract/whatever character that changes Kurse in the first place. That could be what Kurse turns against instead of Malekith here.
Idk. I mean. Kurse and Malekith, that's a relationship in their own. They wouldn't change it THAT much. Malekith Manipulates Algrim into fighting Thor, and loosing.

I'd bet Surtur ends up turning Algrim into Kurse, who at that point is out for blood, thor and malekith. I know loki vs malekith and thor vs kurse would be nice, but I don't see that happening. The dynamic between Kurse and Malekith is TOO big to leave that alone its part of Kurse's character, and they won't get rid of that concept for a Loki redemption...ESPECIALLY if Surtur is involved, and leads to a Surtur saga (at either the end of the movie, or thor 3) Loki's redeption will be helping odin, and thor fight surtur, to save the 9 realms. That would be better for Loki anyway.

But Kurse and Malekith, that's just something too tight to break up. Kurse will be the one that kills Malekith, if I am wrong, I will eat dirt, and video tape myself doing so to prove it

But you see what I mean? It's too important to their character to stray away from that, Loki's redemption will be fighting Surtur, as it is in the comics, which this movie is based on. PLUS it'd be better so see Loki fighting along side his brother and father against this enemy trying to DESTROY the 9 realms. Ends with Odin dying, and Thor and loki coming together. Loki still helps to save the 9 realms, and he is still loki. Thor becomes king.

But kurse and malekith's "relationship" can't just be ignored

be regarding Kurse and what you said aabout thor convincing him, that would actually be great. I really like that. Cause Kurse isn't EVIL persay, just out for revenge, once he gets his, and then becomes leader of the dark elves, well it comes full circle as a character arc. Which is why I think it is CRUCIAL that he kills Malekith

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