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Default Re: Alice Krige as.....?

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
I know loki vs malekith and thor vs kurse would be nice, but I don't see that happening. The dynamic between Kurse and Malekith is TOO big to leave that alone its part of Kurse's character, and they won't get rid of that concept for a Loki redemption...ESPECIALLY if Surtur is involved, and leads to a Surtur saga (at either the end of the movie, or thor 3) Loki's redeption will be helping odin, and thor fight surtur, to save the 9 realms. That would be better for Loki anyway. . . . It's too important to their character to stray away from that
I can see that. Any ideas for getting any big magic battles into the story?

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
be regarding Kurse and what you said aabout thor convincing him, that would actually be great. I really like that. Cause Kurse isn't EVIL persay, just out for revenge, once he gets his, and then becomes leader of the dark elves, well it comes full circle as a character arc. Which is why I think it is CRUCIAL that he kills Malekith
Yeah, it would add some nuance to one of the realms. They're not all just battle foils for the Asgardians.

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
But Kurse and Malekith, that's just something too tight to break up. Kurse will be the one that kills Malekith, if I am wrong, I will eat dirt, and video tape myself doing so to prove it
Here's a recipe to keep in your back pocket, should you ever find yourself backed into a corner like that (there are lots of variants):

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