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Default Re: Alice Krige as.....?

Originally Posted by Majik1387 View Post
I really can't see Krige being anyone other than Hela. I am curious as to who she'll be though.
She may be that in some sort of cameo. I like the idea of them changing Hela to being Loki's mom still and the implications and dynamics would be really great.

it may be another female character that turns into the Beyonder/Tesseract thingy if that pans out. In any case, it seems likely we may see both characters the more I think about it.

Editing to add:
and as some of you may see I'm trying to move some of the Kurse discussion to the Kurse thread and the Jane relevant discussion to the Jane thread so others interested will see it and so we can try to get back to who we think Alice may be playing here.

My top 3 guesses for Alice's part in order are Hela, Beyonder/Kosmos/Tesseract/Cosmic Cube character for a least some of it, or Farbauti (Loki's Frost Giant mother, if he is full frost giant after all)

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