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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
This is mainly for American Maid but look if you must... (anybody else may not know what the heck I'm talking about lol)

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
okay so, this is totally coming from left field but I am liking the idea we were discussing in the Alice Krige thread of them linking the Tesseract/Beyonder figure to Jane and that being what possesses her in Thor 2. That makes A LOT of sense if the possession thing is true since that could be what changes Algrim to Kurse. Why add another element like a possession story if it's not linked to that? it would be quite extraneous. And then you said that the Beyonder tends to just go off and wander/explore and try things so wouldn't necessarily have to be defeated right at the end of Thor 2. Then I thought about that stuff Joss said about the next Avengers digging deeper...

and then i thought... wow, i wonder if Jane possessed by the Tesseract/Beyonder winds up being the other big bad with Thanos in Avengers 2? And maybe she's what Thanos winds up in love with/obsessed with in this version.

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
To continue on what I said above to American Maid:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
And i just want to add to that plot bunny that I believe that Shield now has the spear that was linked to and closed the Tesseract since it did not seem to go with Thor and Loki. SO, if somehow the "personality" that was in the Tesseract/Cosmic Cube was transferred to the blue gem in the spear in the process of closing the hole, or perhaps it's still in the cube but able to travel to the spear/gem somehow, and then Jane is messing with the gem on the spear on behalf of Shield, THEN, that might be one way she gets possessed... possibly.

I'll try to say as much as I can outside of spoiler buttons, without actually spoiling anything, so it's not a totally obtuse thread.

First comment: LOL Poor Jane!!
For anyone following along who is familiar with the various fates Jane has met over the years, the supposition behind the button is kind of in a similar spirit (ie, something magical conveys her out of Thor's life), though quite different from those previous fates in the details. It's an extension of a spoiler that stuntman Andrew Lawden gave in a radio interview, revealed over in the spoilers thread.

And, since Jane keeps meeting fates like this, and since various people from Marvel have talked about (comics) Jane as being an important part of (comics) Thor's time on Earth, sometimes suggesting that it's an area of long-standing regret for him, I have to concede that it would be not be completely in conflict with canon to do something like this.

As I've said before, I want Jane to be successful and I want her to be happy. Certainly I'd like her to wind up with Thor. (As Izzy, the cafe owner in Thor1, said in a deleted scene, "She could do worse." ) But if that's not to be, I accept that. If forced to choose, I would like her to make a meaningful contribution somewhere in the grand MCU story. It doesn't even have to be part of the Thor story arc. The deal breaker for me (and I'll try not to Hulk out about it, er, this time ) is that the character be treated with dignity.

I'm concerned that the proposal seems veering toward undignified, but depending on a bunch of in-between details, maybe they could pull it off. At least it would still be a contribution to the MCU story.

Currently, I'd say I'm about 75% certain that Jane stays in the story, and I continue to think that if she stays in the story, there's a 90% chance she'll stay Thor's love interest. This proposal is an example of her staying in the story but not as the love interest. Another would be my understanding of how she shows up in JMS' run--physician to various non-Thor superheroes. I think I'll save the specific reasons why I think Jane remaining Thor's love interest is the most likely outcome for another post, since this one looks like it's going to be pretty long as it is.

I will say that I think Natalie Portman has the acting chops to pull off any or all of this.

Some comments on the specifics in the propoosal I'll have to hide behind a spoiler button.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

I do agree that it's a little odd that they added this possession thing on top of everything else that is going on. So it would be neat and tidy to tie it to the bigger story. But I had always figured that Jane would be freed from the malevolent spirit at some point during the course of the film. If the malevolent spirit turns out to be the thing that changes Algrim to Kurse, that would be an obvious moment. If it's, for example, Malekith, then the moment they reach Svartalfheim would be another obvious moment.

The Beyonder doesn't need to grab a mortal. It assembled a humanoid form on its own. So I don't think it would need to keep Jane's body long term. The same can be said about Mistress Death. (Thanos' love-obsession for any lurker who doesn't already know). I think you are suggesting Thanos gets obsessed with someone other than Mistress Death, but from my understanding of Thanos, that's actually a big stretch for his character. So that doesn't seem as likely to me.

The other thing that's odd about this possession element is that whatever takes over Jane has to be powerful enough to do it, but not so powerful that it can get to Svartalfheim on its own. It has to be *able* to take over Jane and also *need* to take over Jane. So that tends to rule out really powerful creatures like the Beyonder and Mistress Death. (When I proposed Alice Krige as the Beyonder, I was supposing she would show up during the Thor/Algrim battle, much like I gather the Beyonder did in the book.)

As for Whedon's comment about twisting the knife, he may not know which knives yet he's going to use (but then again, major plot elements may already be decided). Besides, this knife is going to twist in Thor's gut in *this* film. He already has sincere feelings for Jane, and she's already suffering.

Regarding the scepter, there was a discussion in the spoilers thread a while back, perhaps before you were following the forum, where the consensus was that Whedon was characterizing the gem in the scepter as being simply a remote device for the cube, not an object of power unto itself. (They were wondering if it was actually one of the gems that Thanos has to collect to complete his Infinity Gauntlet). So that makes it seem unlikely that it would bring Jane (and not others) into contact with the sentience. If it was just a residual bit of the cube, then I would think it would want to get to Asgard, where the rest of the cube is. So maybe possessing Jane as far as there, but not wanting to go on the rest of the journey. (But if so, why not Selvig?) Also, come to think of it, Andrew Lawden had said that the malevolent spirit was associated with the Dark Elves. So that also makes the Tesseract a less likely candidate for possession.

The part that affects The Avengers 2 is the biggest stretch in my opinion.

A couple of thoughts about the spoiler directly.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

I had earlier wondered how they could drag Jane along on a journey while she is possessed. I was imagining her with her eyes rolled back and her convulsing, or at least kicking and screaming. But it seems likely that the malevolent spirit *wants* to go on the journey. So maybe it's a case of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", at least until they all get to Svartalfheim. Maybe the malevolent spirit has military experience, so that would explain why "Jane" would go with them to the Dark World in Asgard and help train up an army.

It could be that this possession wasn't all that pre-meditated. Maybe a dark elf (or one of the other attackers) with magical abilities gets slain, and then its spirit grabs the first being it can, who happens to be Jane. Malevolent spirit then wants to get to Svartalfheim where it can arrange for a more permanent living arrangement. Or at least that's what it tells Thor.

Finally, anyone who doesn't like the character of Jane ought to welcome this development. It means that for whatever fraction of the movie Jane is possessed, Natalie Portman will not be portraying Jane. She'll be portraying the malevolent spirit. So less Jane.

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