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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
I should make a distinction clearer.

There were some rumors (discussed over in the spoilers thread), and then elizah72 proposed a plot scenario that starts with the premise of the rumors and adds new material. So what elizah72 has behind her spoiler buttons is *her* thinking about what could happen (specifically, how *she* thinks Jane could exit Thor's life). I commented that what she proposed is rather similar to any of a number of events that have happened in the books. And there have been any of a number of people on this forum proposing various ways Jane and Thor could part company these past few months. So I thought that characterizing this scenario that elizah72 invented that way would not spoil anything, since I didn't talk about any particulars outside of the spoiler buttons. But again, her plot scenario is not the actual rumor. It's her scenario.

(And, as I said, I think Jane stays in the story. As Thor's love interest.)

If we have spoiled the actual plot element for you (you'd be able to tell what it is looking at what's behind the buttons) and you did not want to have it spoiled, then I offer my whole-hearted apology. And I will edit all my posts to remove material that you think I shouldn't have put in this thread (and ask elizah72 if she would consider doing the same). Please just let me know, either here or via PM. (PM if you want to talk about specific things.)
Yes what we are discussing is all my thinking based on a few spoilers and some speculation with AM. I think however that because it's all behind spoiler buttons, and this IS a Thor The Dark world forum that really... if you looked behind the spoiler buttons and read and got spoiled then it's your own fault if you got spoiled (Sorry! but otherwise where do people go to talk about spoilers if they can't come here?!?!?)

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