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Default Re: X-Force and Cable movies planned?

Im extremely for an X Force flick of any of the volumes so my opinions biased haha. But I really think other teams could lead into an AOA movie. That story is huge. I dont think Millar was highlighting that they are lesser known. Cable and Deadpool seem the ones in demand from what I always hear from people. I think hes pointing out how they havnt done anything with some popular characters, but are aware of the popularity and possibilties. I mean Deadpools huge now and X Force was and still is one of the best selling X books. I could see them leading into an X Force movie through Deadpool easily. Cable and Deadpool def sell pretty well and have a solid fanbase.

Gambit I could see cause of his popularity and he works away from the X-Men, personally would rather see him on an actual X team but I would def see a Gambit origin flick. Cyclops movie would more then likely just be an X Men film or another FC prequel. They really need to use the characters they own and arent doing anything with. Otherwise theres no real point in Fox having them. They own the rights to X Factor and X Force so why not go there? Aside from Wolverine, Deadpool, Magnetos Origin (changed to FC) and possibly a Gambit solo I dont think other characters could work or sale when seperated from a team in their own movie. Or why the studio would want to take them away from the team in the first place.

It really would be impossible to use all these X characters Fox has in just one X team Flick, and be a bit repetitive to not give us anything new and only stick with the same roster. Look at how people complain about Cyclops and Storm, and those are A listers. Theres no way they could give other characters there due. Its impossible. Fox needs to expand the X Universe with other teams and characters to evolve. We wont get more in depth characters or an expanded X Universe like they want till that happens.

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