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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
My primary concern was that the comments I made outside the spoiler buttons gave away (or appeared to) more than I had intended.

I'm also a little concerned that even having the spoiler buttons here is against the spirit of the forum of having spoilers only in the spoiler thread.

As for what this forum is for, some people might want to speculate based only on what has been shown in movies so far, or ask questions like, "In the books, what happened when. . . ."
well hopefully a mod can come in and clarify that sometime, because to me the other Thor and Thor World forums are for the books and Thor 1 and what's already happened etc, and this forum is for what will/may happen in Thor 2. My impression with the spoiler thread at the top was more for people to post misc. news and spoilery pics and talk about them freely without the spoiler buttons at all. I think these discussions would quickly get too confusing and mixed up with all the other stuff in that thread. Whereas, instead I have been trying to use the spoiler buttons in the other threads when I think appropriate just as a courtesy to give people a chance to not look at it, but again, if they click the spoiler button and read it that's not my fault!

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