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Skyfall makes me wonder if a Nolan Bond film will ever happen. It might just be redundant at this point, since we already got a pretty blatantly Nolan-influenced version. Although I will say that I think one area where Skyfall kind of let me down was how dead simple the plot was. I totally get what they were going for with the "back to basics" theme of the film, and it was indeed a fresh of breath air after QoS. But I do think Nolan could come up with an exciting and complex espionage plot. He could be the first to tackle Bond as a writer/director (I think). I just think overall the Bond franchise doesn't really "need" Nolan right now, since Skyfall has nicely set up a template for future filmmakers to follow. And Nolan is more of a leader than a follower.

I could see it being like the situation with Spielberg doing a Star Wars film. Seems like it's meant to be, but just doesn't ever pan out for one reason or another.
This was my first thought after seeing the film. Mendes essentially made the Bond film Nolan would've made. I don't see him doing one now because of it...which is a shame because I was really hoping to see a Craig Bond film directed by Nolan....

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