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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by Project862006 View Post
she will gladly come back outside of cloud atlas which bombed i might add she is doing direct to dvd type films and honestly since x men 3 her films have been very low key
The state of her career doesn't necessarily mean she will jump at the chance. Didn't Halle say at some point after X3 she was done with that sort of thing or words to that effect?

Originally Posted by CrypticOne View Post
Is everyone from First Class coming back, as well?
Considering it started off as the sequel to First Class and no one involved has yet to say it's no longer the sequel, then I think it's a safe bet that the actors involved will return (well the main characters anyway). Plus the story in question involves time travel so it's a safe bet they'll be using MacAvoy, Fassbender and co. for the characters in the past.

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