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Default Re: The Winter Soldier Thread

I agree with keeping the Russians as the people behind him and with Black Widow involved I imagine they will.

Originally Posted by Quasimod0 View Post
Long hair is a must

Originally Posted by Sneakronicity View Post
I personally love the Clint/Natasha relationship, but I personally don't feel building any romantic relationship for her has a place in this film. I hope the focus remains on Steve and Bucky and their relationship. Obviously Falcon has a role to play in this, and in Crossbones we have our villain, so that sounds like a good core there. I'm curious to see if there's a connection between Bucky and Crossbones in this story, since the Winter Soldier should at least be filling the villain roll in some capacity. Are they working together? I do hope these aren't just random plot threads, though a story that pit the three against each other, like the OP suggested, would be very cool.

I just want a lot of Steve/Bucky feels.
Well at the moment we don't know how big of a part Black Widow will play, but if she is more than a cameo and if there are plans for Winter Soldier to be in Avengers 2 then I think the romance angle may well be explored.

I'm really keen for there to be no connection between Winter Soldier and Crossbones, a three point battle between Cap, Crossbones and Winter Solider would be a fresh way to go for a CBM.

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