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Default Re: The Avenging Spider-Man(screenplay idea)

You know M-2, I really like your idea of placing ASM around Hulk, IM2, and Thor! And so far, I'm liking everything else, except the ideas of having some other popular characters part of Spidey's team(She-Hulk,Vision,Daredevil,etc.) because I fear they will get films in the future. I'm looking for more "lesser known" heroes from the comics that are around Peter's age. Do you know of any?

And also really, should I wait for the other films to come out(The Amazing Spider-Man 2, MCU Phase 2, etc.) before I start to write? Because I feel like I don't want to screw up continuity! Is there anyway I can write around all of those films so I don't screw it up too much?

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