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Default Re: Return of the Jedi Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by Spider-Gnome View Post
Oh, I still like ROTJ, just not as much as ANH or TESB for the reasons I stated. The Luke thing was clever. And everything between Luke, Vader, & Emperor were great. The musical number expanded I wouldn't mind if they kept Lapti Nek, Sy Snootles didn't mug for the camera, and they didn't add that other lead singer. I did like those backup signers, particularly the Twi'lek.
Lucas just let his excitement over getting to use the CGI get the best of him with that one. I agree it wasn't as good as ANH or ESB but I can't deny how much I like the conflict between Vader and Luke. I think every young man who has a less than perfect father has that moment where they worry they are turning into him and that shot of Luke looking at his hand after cutting off Vaders is worth a 1000 words.

On a side note one of the things I wish the prequels did was develop one villain for Anakin to replace, it would have made his transformation a lot more pronounced and emotional.

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