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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

I made a post in another thread explaining why I felt TDKR was a disapointment, but I thought I'd post it here, cause this is where the best discussion takes place (IMO) and I'd like to get you guys' thoughts on it.

It was a letdown on it's own as well. It's full of needless new characters who either don't get enough development (Talia) or get too much (Blake), and worse, it neglects some of its main players for them (Alfred). The story is not a natural progression of events, as TDK and BB were. Instead, it relies on tons of forced exposition and events that we don't get to see on screen but get to hear characters talk about (the energy project). Not to mention one too many plot conveniences (every cop going down into the sewers, Bruce magically appearing in Gotham, Bruce's magic leg brace which gets mentioned once and then is completely forgotten). It tries to balance two love interests and completely forces it with Miranda. They have two scenes before they suddenly decide to do the deed, one of which is her being hostile towards him. Selina Kyle gets a lot to do with both Bruce and Batman, but she spends half the movie screwing him over and then their relationship is quickly rushed so they can end up together before the movie's over. Not to mention she gets about thirty seconds of screen time in the entire second act. It has a fascinating, menacing villain, who gets perfectly fitting motivations and a fascinating background, only to have that background be taken away and put into the much less developed character. All so there can be a big dramatic plot twist at the end of the film. And to add icing on the cake, it relies on a generic ticking time bomb scenario for its finale.


It's an amazingly well shot film. Seeing this in IMAX was unbelievable, and Wally really did do some of his best work here. As did the entire cast. Both Hathaway and Hardy killed it in their respective roles, I can't praise their performances enough. Bane is of the scariest, most intimidating villains I've ever seen on film. The scale is immense, and this movie really does feel larger than life. While I wish we got to see more of the final battle (the cops vs mercs, not the Bat chase), what we did see was extraordinary. Zimmer also brought his A game for this, developing spectacular new themes for Bane and Catwoman and expanding on his and JNH's work from the previous films. There are some moments/scenes that are more than up to the BB/TDK caliber, like the stock exchange scene and Alfred's confession to Bruce. All in all, the action is some of the best in the entire trilogy, like the opening scene and both of Batman and Bane's fights.

So yes. It's story does not live up to either Begins or TDK. It's certainly way more ambitious than either of them, but because of that, it doesn't manage to live up to its own aspirations. But there's still a lot to love in this film, and it's exceptionally well made. You have to respect it for what it tries to do, if you had told me 10 years ago that one day someone would make a Batman movie with Talia Al Ghul as the villain, or with Bane breaking Batman, I wouldn't have believed you. As Batman fans, I think we all gotta give Mr. Nolan and company a hand.


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