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Default What if Avengers 2 was split between 3 Movies?

I know some people will say this is a horrible idea but i think this could work. A lot of people (Including Me) want to see Thanos as a much bigger why not make him the villains of the 4 Movies.By the way..all three Avenger 2 films would be shot at the same but Josh Weddon would only direct the last Avengers 2 Movie.

2014:Guardians of the Galaxy (Will focus on a new cast but will have Thanos as the main villain and will have references to the Avengers)

Early 2015: Avengers:Rise of the Illumintai (Would foucus on a team called the Illuminti set up by Iron Man to search for the Infitny Gems and Gauntlet which where stolen by Kang who is serving Thanos.The main charcter would include:Iron Man,Thor,Doctor Strange, Nick Fury,Hank Pym and Nova .Krang would be the main villain.

Middle-Late 2015: Avengers:The Masters of Evil (It would foucus on new team that was quickly set up to combat the Masters of Evil..who are secretly trying to bring Thanos to Earth.The Team would consit of Captain Amercia,Hawkeye,Scarlet Witch and Quicksilverl.It would have cameos from Hulk and Scarlet Witch but they are manly in Avengers 2)

Early 2016:Avengers 2Thanos was successfully called to Earth and the film would basically be all of SHEILD,Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy fighting Thanos,Krang and Thanos's forces)

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