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Default Re: Discussion: Legalizing Marijuana II

Originally Posted by 8Diagrams(WU) View Post
Interesting discussion. The pricing will go down signfinicantly because otherwise they cant kill the black market if the black market is allowed to compete by selling at lower prices than the goverment. Id say were looking at less than half the cost of street price which still leaves a nice piece for taxes.
Florida has a 6% sales tax, so if it is (hopefully) legalized here sometime in the near future, the price per ounce will have dropped dramatically as more states pass legalization referendums, or Congress (best case scenario) decides to pass federal legalization to boost the economy:

Using the WA model (which I feel is the best):

Producer to Processor: $196.50 per ounce (estimating wholesale at $100, + 6% sales tax & 25% excise)

Processor to Retailer(s): $98.25 per ounce ($75 wholesale)

Retailer to Consumer: $49.13 per ounce ($37.50 wholesale)

If my math is off let me know (it was never my strong suit--those who've bought my book know this all too well ) but that's my rough guesstimate, and it's not as low as I originally projected.

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