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Default Re: Inhumans in development?

Originally Posted by Malcolm Belmont View Post
That would be awesome..Inhumans movie for Phase 3!!!
Assuming that Avengers 3 will release in 2018 and we'll get about 2-3 MCU films each year leading up to it. What do we have in the Phase 3 pot so far...

Antman, Thor 3, Cap 3, Black Panther, Ironman 4 (possibly) GOTG 2 (possibly), DareDevil reboot (Somewhat possible), Incredible Hulk 2 (Somewhat possible)

Yeah The Inhumans could definitely fit in there. Plus this is a pretty impressive lineup of things to come even if it is wishful thinking.

Sidenote: Um yeah, I only see about 5 of these happening in that Phase 3 period starting with Antman in 11/15. Then Iron 4 and Thor 3 in 2016, then Cap 3 and a new property in 2017. Unless they switch to 3 films a year and/or push Avengers 3 back to May/July 2019.

I think Marvel could pull off releasing up to 4 films a year (1 minor character in Feb/March, 1 in May, 1 in July/Aug and 1 in Nov) but we'll see...

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