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Default Re: What if Avengers 2 was split between 3 Movies?

Originally Posted by The Question View Post
I don't see why everyone is super-set on the idea of Thanos being stretched out for the rest of the film series. I think having his story end in Avengers 2 and doing something else if and when Avengers 3 becomes a thing would be fine.
Originally Posted by Malcolm Belmont View Post
They have to have Ultron as the main villain in Avengers 3
Its mostly because thanos will have an infinity gauntlet movie. Phase 2 is about to start, and the IG hasn't even been introduced, thanos is confirmed for 2 movies. So we sorta just assume he has to be stretched if the IG isn't fully covered. Fiege in my eyes said they are taking their time with him. And I still have a feeing that "cinematic even in 2017 or 2018" WILL be an infinity gauntlet movie

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