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Default Re: The Official Maria Hill/Cobie Smulders Thread

Even if Smulders' character was random SHIELD agent no X instead of Maria Hill, it would have been an underwhelming performance. Her performance/delivery is flat and lacking in conviction, especially when pitted against Fury (or e.g. Tony Stark). She's a very limited actress even at the best of times (partly explaining why all those scenes were deleted) and just ill-suited for Hill. Oh well...

If there is no recast, then unfortunately the only option is to downplay the character's importance even more. Not sure if that's what was intended by Whedon at all, so he definitely has a huge egg on his face over the Maria Hill-gate, especially when Smulders has like a gazillion-movies - contract with Marvel. Awkward, awkward.

(Not to mention frustrating, since Hill was supposed to provide a completely different internal dynamic to SHIELD and influence both the Council and Fury, but not in a million years could Smulders convince in that kind of role.)

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