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Originally Posted by The Infernal View Post
Can't say I'm aware of any instance, but then again I don't read them regularly. I did a quick google image check and saw that the cartoon has an arctic armour, which I would, at a guess say is the most recent instance of its use. It doesn't strike me as one of the more popular or requested armour features.

I could easily see an arctic or thermal feature just being a standard design feature in the average Iron Man armour (especially after IM1) rather than a suit specifically designed for the arctic (or upper atmosphere or whatever). They could just have bits of the normal armour plating pop up a bit to show a few red lights to signify its thermal capabilities.
That's a fair point, given how high tech Tony's armor is there really isn't a reason he couldn't have a thermal feature or indeed a feature that allows him to go underwater built into his regular armor.

Edit: Nice find on the art. Really good pic. However, I prefer the design of the armour in the previous picture. With that one I can see why some people may have problems with the design. It would look good in a comic or a cartoon, but the other pic looks like it's been updated/adapted for the big screen.
Agreed, I just loved the imagery of that piece of art. I also came across this more direct movi-ized version.

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